About NicheX

NicheX was founded by the duo of Luqman Khan and Mohammad Tahir. Both the founders had previously been in the Affiliate Marketing niche for about 4-5 years, before deciding to start NicheX.

With their extensive experience in the Affiliate Marketing industry, they saw a great opportunity in dropshipping – which is providing products without storing them in advance. The founders wanted to capitalize on this opportunity by creating an environment for anyone who wanted to work with them.


Luqman Khan

Luqman Khan is one of the co-founders of NicheX.

Khan is an Entrepreneur with more than 6 years of experience in Amazon Affiliate site development, Amazon SEO/Affiliate Marketing.

Luqman successfully created the popular and well-known 10Beasts.com with millions of views in just a matter of months.

Mohammad Tahir

Mohammad Tahir is one of the co-founders of NicheX.

Tahir has managed the speed optimization and the technicalities of the projects. Making sure that every option and feature is working accurately is his top priority.

He also enjoys working with the tech team on new ideas and features to be introduced on the website.

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